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With this alternative, the 172nd-190th connection will again be made by constructing a new roadway that cuts diagonally across the study area. The new roadway will branch off of 172nd just south of Hemrick, cross Foster and Tillstrom at nearly 90-degree intersections, and connect to 190th near Cheldelin. This alternative also proposes a 5-lane arterial for the primary movement from 172nd to 190th; therefore, four lanes with a landscaped median/turn lane will be constructed on 172nd from Sunnyside north to the new roadway, along the entire portion of the new roadway, and on 190th Drive from Cheldelin to the County line. A 3-lane section is proposed to improve SE Foster Road, Cheldelin, Hemrick, and Tillstrom. Tillstrom will be realigned to the north to intersect with Foster at a 90-degree angle, as well as to line up with a future roadway extending west to Sager/172nd. Hemrick will also be realigned to intersect properly with the new roadway. North of the existing Hemrick intersection, SE 172nd Avenue will be reconstructed as a 3-lane section to the County line, and Cheldelin will be extended west to intersect with 172nd.

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