The project team has considered the feedback received at Public Workshop 4 and Project Advisory Committee Meeting 4 and chosen 3 alignment concepts for further review. Based on their analysis of the 3 concepts, they recommended Concept AS10a as the Preferred Design Alternative at the July 20th Open House, as it scores highest in meeting the project evaluation criteria. However, that alternative relies heavily on a proposed extension of Foster Road south to Highway 212 in the City of Damascus. Due to multiple factors, the timing and extent of this improvement has become more uncertain in recent weeks. Alternative AT2 has scored highly in all evaluations of project evaluation criteria and relies less heavily on this proposed connection by relying on SE 172nd Avenue as the primary north-south corridor. For this reason, the project team now preliminarily recommends Alternative AT2, but acknowledges all the alternatives as viable.

Please click on the concepts below to take a closer look drawings, costs and impacts for each alternative and provide your input on which alternative should be chosen as the Preferred Build Alternative.

» For more detail, please read Technical Memo 8.1and Technical Memo 8.2

Before you begin, you should read the evaluation critera: View the evaluation critera ↓